Knitting Angel

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Oh My Secret Pal!!!

You would not believe this, I was looking at this book in a store just today!!! I read through it briefly and thought that it was a wonderful book of how to's and anecdotes. I am so glad that I did not get it cos now I have it from you!!! Thanks you so much!! Katie said that she is waiting patiently for a package too - silly dog.

I am back from my sister's and am now planning to enjoy several days here at home - just doing whatever. I love going to visit my sister and brother in law, but I was ready to be home, and sleeping in my queen sized bed with the flannel sheets on it. Believe it or not - this toy poodle, takes a LOT of room on a twin bed!!! LOL

More later - gotta go read my new book!!!

Happy New Year, Secret pal

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Oh the weather outside . . .

Well, the weather outside here in Newport News is frightful according to my sister who has gotten used to milder temps. Night before last we had snow!!! Yesterday morning, the temps were in the teens. I thought that it was wonderful, she thought that it was horrible. Tee hee hee. Of course since we are in Tidewater, they are not sure what to do with this type of weather and all they do is to dump sand on the roads - not very helpful!!!!

Oh well, my sister and brother in law are off to work, and I am going to go shopping in Hilton Village just down the road. And then hopefully, we will make it to Williamnsburg to go to Knitting Sisters for a bit of stash enhancement!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Away at my Sisters until after Christmas

Hello Secret pal,
I most likely will not get the package before Christmas. I am currently at my sisters about 3 hours from my home and will be here until after Christmas. Our mom, who I lived with in my city passed away in January of this year and this is the first Christmas without her. So I came to my sister's to spend the time with her. Mom was in a nursing home for the last 26 months of her life, but still, I was able to go and see her. She loved Christmas so much and loved decorating for it. The house is pretty much decorated the way that it was when she was there. I have made a few changes to make the decorations "mine". When I get home, I will take some photos of the decor and post them here.

Keep writing, however, cos as you can tell, I do have computer access!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hello Secret Pal

Hello there my wonderful Secret pal,
I did receive the box today - what wonderful goodies there are!! I love the yarns - esp the Poof - what a wonderful scarf that will make!!!!! I love the deco ribbon also - Scarves I make in a couple of hours knitting time - The goodies in the ditty bag - the row counter I surely could have used as I was counting each one of 173 rows for the shawl that I just finished for my sister - but I have it for the next one that I do!!!! The other goodies are wonderful also. How sweet of your boyfriend to make the stitch markers - is he a knitter also - or does he just enable you to knit? Did I mention that I also do rubber stamping in my information?? I forget.

I know that it doesn't know in most of CA - does it snow where you are?? So far we have been lucky enough NOT to have snow - this time last year we had alrady had a couple of snows.

Thank you sooooooo much for the wonderful box of goodies. I will take photos and post when I have made garments from them. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

The Box Is Here

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hello KR Secret Pal

Hello again secret pal,
I love that you send me messages here!! Well I checked my box today and there was no surprise there today - but that just means that I need to check again on Monday!!!!! Yahooooo!!! Are you ready for Christmas? I baked 8 cakes yesterday, wrapped presents and then today made about 5 pounds of pralines for Christmas gifts. I have got to get all this finished here becasue I am scheduled to go to my sisters on Wednesday until after Christmas. Means that it makes me REALLY busy. And when I get there, I still have to do the gifts for my bro in laws family.I think that I am going to make fudge for them again. I havent done that in a couple of years and they really liked it that time. I haven't been to their hous to celebrate the holidays for many years. But our Mom passed away in January and so that if I stay here I will be alone. I am looking forward to it.

What do you do for the holidays??

Monday, December 06, 2004

Thank you Secret Pal!!!!

Just wanted to post a message to my Secret Pal from Knitter's Review on my blog. I know that you check my blog for messages - Thank you so much for the beautiful Angel ornament - She will be added to my tree of Angel and cherub ornaments. You are too cool!!!!