Knitting Angel

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What's new in VA

Well, it is turning to fall here in Virginia. The leaves have begun to fall from the trees like mad. I want to wait a couple more weeks and then ask the guy who does my yard to cut one more time and put the clippings into my garden. Great compost for next year. I also need to make a journey to a friends to get some sheep compost for the garden. I hear that it is powerful stuff!!!

We - my friend Joe and I spent most of the weekend at the Fall Fiber Festival In Orange, VA. Both he and I entered items into their fiber arts competition. He received 2 second place and 1 honorable mention ribbons. He is a great knitter and has helped me to improve my skills over the past year. The baby booties that I entered received a 3rd place ribbon and my spun llama netted me an honorable mention ribbon. Both of us are already planning our projects for next year since we were both FURIOUSLY working to finish the projects for this year on Friday evening!!! LOL

I received a wonderful box from my KR secret pal on Monday!!!! She has been a wonderful pal and I hope that her secret pal is as good to her as she has been to me.My box included some wonderful roving in orange and gold (do you happen to remember what the fiber is???) a note pad and some treats for Miss Katie. My pal always includes something for Katie and she eagerly looks into the box with me. Thank you for a wonderful fall package!!

I have several photos to upload - of the box, the booties and some other photos that I want to add, but I gotta get to work so that I will try to remember how to do this and add them later.