Knitting Angel

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Darn Gall Bladder!

Well I have beeen out of commission for several weeks. I had my first - and hopefully my last attack. It is going to come out in a few more weeks.

My garden is doing really well - this week - I picked my first 3 tomatoes and them became BLT's - what I want most in the summer. I have picked beans 3 times and replanted them for a later crop. And squash??? - MAKE THEM STOP PRODUCING!!!!!!

Knitting wise, I am working on my Noni bag still - it is quite the challenge to manage 9 balls of yarn to knit it with. I am thinking about putting together a group for the ravelryolympics, but since I just read about it today - we need to decide FAST becasue today is the deadline.