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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Three skeins of yarn plus 1- Can you see the difference??? Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

Oooooooooooooo me scared!!!

What an adventure I had last night! My friend Joe and I set out to go over to Stony Mountain Fibers for craft night. We had had snow all day long, but but the roads were clear so we set off. I had on my coat, scarf and gloves. Joe did not have on a coat but a scarf. He joked that if we had car trouble that he would have to stay with the car and me go for help because he did not have a coat on. Prophesy???

We got to Charlottesville in an uneventful trip and made the turn to go up the lane to Barbara's. There was another car that turned in in front of us - and I assumed that it was another of the crafters on the way also. We journey down the lane and had the good sense to drive slowly because of the car in front of us - and wanted to be aware of black ice. We did fine until we rounded a bend with a slight incline. Now if any of you have been to SMF - you know that there are several hills that you must negotiate to get up to Barbara's ending with a mini mountain climb up her driveway. We rounded a bend and found that there was a snow covered road and I began to get a little nervous. Joe took it slow still and the car that was in front of us had disappeared. We started up the hill and the wheels on the car started to spin and the car to slide backwards. We let the car drift back slowly hoping that it would get solid footing and we might get a running start. Unfortunately, brakes did not stop us and as I was saying stop! stop! stop! The car was NOT cooperating. I knew that behnd us was a big drop and behind that a river and I was not sure in that spot - how close to the river we were. Our guardian Angel must have finally glance up and stopped the car and there we were - cross wise the road. Joe put the car in park and I said to set the parking brake - just in case.

WE both got out of the car and I looked at the rear wheel on my side - 1" and we would have been over the edge. I walked around and looked at the wheel on his side which was on more solid ground. He asked if he should try to move it and I said NO!
He called up to Barbara's and asked her to come down to get me and he then called for a tow truck. They tow truck said that they would be there in 45 minutes. After about 10 minutes, one of the folks from up at Barbara's came walking around the bend. He said that Barbara had come down her driveway and was not able to stop and she too had ended up in quite a precarious position with her truck, quite close to the car that had gone up in front of us that was also in a ditch where they had slid!!! Barbara went back to get her husband to help her to rescue her vehicle and the other stranded folks. The tow truck did come in about 30 minutes, as did a man and his family who lived on the edge of the property that we were hanging from. It was really slick by then and even the tow truck had some difficulty maneuvering. The man who lived there had stopped his truck and come up to ask us if we needed help and we told him that the truck was right behind him and he started back to his truck to get in to move it and the truck was sliding backwards - with his young daughter in it!!!. He caught it and move the truck into his driveway and came back to help us. They were able to swing the backside of the car around with the wench and after backing the car down the hill and in to the driveway, we were able to drive back out of the road. No craft night for us last night - but a really BIG coke float to calm my nerves when I got home. WE are all safe - and that is what is most important of all. But we now know - call in advance on weather nights to make sure that the road is safe for travel.

And since I am not sire that I am quite recovered, I shall have to go to the Super Bowl sale at Orchardside tomorrow!!