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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Now the Summer is almost over!!!!

Well well, I was reminded that I have not posted in awhile - there was SNOW on the ground!!!

It has been a busy summer - I went to Pittsburgh in July for a conference - drove there - it really didn't take long, thanks to the wonderful directions from my truck driving friend. While there - in addition to the conference stuff we did, we took a dinner cruise, went up the Mongohalia incline, and shopped. Pittsburgh is not one of my favorite cities, but it'll do. I did meet one of the KR folks and we visited 2 of the yarn shops there - one was so so - the other was fantastic!!!! The folks were super nice, invited us to come back and visit any time.

An now I am on the advisory board of On The Lamb which is the soon to be shop of a very good friend of mine. It has been his dream to open this shop for years and he has worked in the fiber arts business for a long time. He is an excellent knitter and teacher. It is going to be a fun place to be - knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, felting. He will also teach classes there. It is about 2 blocks from both of our houses which makes it very convienent.

Miss Katie is fine, she has had a good summer, the week I spent in Pittsburgh? she spent with her Aunt Fran in Newport News, VA. She loves sepending time with them - they spoil her rotten and she gets treats such as burgers from Hardees.

Remember her? She is the United Methodist District Superintendant for the Peninsula District. A big responsibility - but she usually handles it well - when she is stressed? I get these early morning phone calls as she is tooling around.

Are houses ever a problem - during the week that I was away, I came home to find that there seemed to be a leak from my upstairs bathroom into the hallway. We watched it for a couple months and it did not seem to be growing - since no-one was in the house - how could there be a leak?? So finally this week, we took down that section of sheet rock and put up the new sheetrock. 2 days later, another small wet spot!! What the @#$%^&????? So we decided to start small and replace the ring on the commode in case that it the problem. If that isn't it - more sheetrock comes down!!!! OK enough about that.

AS the summer is over and kids go back to school, its time for my fall schedule to start, choir on Sunday, handbells sometime during the week and Celebration practice on Sunday afternoons. I need to be gat to Redhats on Wednesdays also. Soon it will be Christmas. And yes - I have already been shopping - who hooooo. I have a couple of knitting projects that I want to do for Christmas, but I have to get finished the stuff for Fall Fiber Festival finished. And then there is the simple matter of I have to knit some samples for the shop. So much to do - so little time - ans there is still that pesky leak!!!
Angel . . . . out!


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