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Sunday, October 03, 2004

My First Fiber Festival!!

Yesterday I attended my first Fiber Festival which is being held this weekend at Montpelier in Orange County, VA. Some much yarn and roving and so little time!!!!!! There were Vendors there from as far away as Vermont with all kinds of natural fibers. I bought a little something for my KR Secret pal and a few little somethings for me too!!!! I entered my shawl into competition but it did not win any awards. :-( , but look out for next year, I have already started planning that for that. I purchased some roving to continue to learn to spin and to improve my technique.

Did I mention? That I am learning to bowl??? I am on our church leaguse and it seems as though my technique there is also improved, Last week I had the 3rd highest score for women!!

By the way, Hi there KR Secret Pal!!


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