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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

What's Next?

Well, I have completed the shawl, and I am waiting for the next project which is the capelet from the Yarn Express website. I am knitting it in Berrocco Suede in the dark green shade. I am in the Poncho-a-Long that was started on Knitter's Review website and that starts on Wednesday - but ya know what - (shhh don't tell anyone) I am going to start mine this week, becasue I don't want to start another project. I have done the swatch and had my knitting guru help me to check the gauge.

I get lots of emails from many different websites and yesterday I got THE cutest knitted collars from this one - Berroco KnitBits(tm), #70. There are a couple friends that are going to get these for Christmas!!! But then that means that I have to finish my capelet, do my sisters shawl and then these collars. Think that I will get them all done??


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